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Think about any negative aspects of your life and how you might be able to change these for the better. If you are aware of stress being a defining factor in your life, then your dream could simply be telling you that a holiday would be a good idea. In the dream, if your experiences abroad were enjoyable, then there are likely to be positive changes occurring in your life soon.

If you were in a hot climate and you were in control of your own destiny within the dream, then this meaning is further reinforced, and something good is soon to happen, but it will most likely involve a change in your life. However, if you were afraid at any point during your dream, or there were any negative experiences, then it suggests that a new beginning may be what you require, even if the thought fills you with trepidation.

Any dream featuring a foreign country suggests that changes are occurring within your life, or that they need to take place in order for you to move forward. Think about which country you were dreaming of; if it was a place you knew, then this suggests that whatever you need to move forward and make those necessary changes is something that you already possess. You may just need to present yourself in a different light to enable the people around you to recognize this. Dreaming of going abroad normally means that you have been working too hard, and your mind is trying to tell you that it is time to stop and take a break.

It can also mean that you are stuck in a mundane routine and need to make some changes, particularly regarding your working environment. Maybe it is time to consider looking for a new job, or perhaps this is something you have been considering, but have not yet made that leap and sent in an application form. Now is the time to move forward and work towards something better. If you are dreaming of a country that you have previously visited, particularly if you have lived or worked there, then you need to think about how you felt during that time, and what you especially enjoyed of the country.

The dream suggests that you need to rediscover these feelings. Dreaming of traveling abroad represents your open-mindedness to new opportunities and experiences. There may soon be chances to change your daily routine and experience new adventures. When you dream of traveling overseas it represents the unknown. Finding yourself in a foreign country suggests your life will soon take a turn into the unknown. This will be good for you and you should embrace this change. There is much knowledge to gain from this situation.

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Take notice of the other things happening in your dream to get a deeper meaning. If you dream of traveling abroad, when you are stressed or depressed this indicates you need to be better at selling your skills and abilities professionally. You need to recognize your worth to move forward. When you do not know what country you are in, this is a reminder there is something in your personality that needs addressing for you to make progress.

You need to recognize what this is to help you see your life with a new perspective. Living abroad can mean you need to escape a negative situation in your waking reality. It can also represent your unhappiness with your daily routine. You may need to take a holiday to prepare for something exciting that may soon cross your path. This type of dream may also refer to the importance of moving past your fears and into the future. Meeting an interpreter can mean you feel agitated living where you live.

It can mean you need to make changes to your life. Not understanding a foreign language can indicate your inability to see life with a different perspective. Are you being closed-minded about someone or a situation? Dreaming of living in a foreign country is a sign you need to take a break from your daily routine. Is it an effort to keep doing the same old things every day? Are you feeling unsettled? Watching yourself travel overseas on holiday indicates you may soon change employers or get a new work contract.

It will be a time where you experience much personal growth.

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This will help you no and in the future. Learning a foreign language can mean you are learning new skills to escape from a mundane working life. Dreaming of the country you dream of visiting in your waking reality means that there is something about you that people naturally respect. Your journey through life will be full of like-minded, supportive people.


Leaving a foreign country is a push to let you know you should get out more. Are you stuck in a rut? Are there things you have always wanted to do? What is stopping you? Hearing people talking in different languages is a sign of confusion. This is a time you need to take a break to clear your head. To figure things out.

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