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Your password has been successfully updated. Getty Images. Touching on this, Mr Putin drew attention to how the Allied invasion was the "second front", and emphasised that the first front was formed by the Russians.

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A day when history shifted. One of those dates when the destiny of France, Europe and the world was at stake. No need to tell you the year. The sands of the pearl beaches are luminous today but 75 years ago they were red with the blood of men. After hours and hours of endless combat silence followed. To those heroes thanks to whom we live freely, we realise their glory. Long live the republic and long live France. That is what the leaders of this continent did by creating the EU. D-Day was won because forces from Britain, Canada, the United States as well as the French resistance came together in the name of freedom, he added.

Despite the apparent French barbs, the body language between the two leaders at Colleville was warm. The service ended with The Orange Liberation Band parading through the street. The veteran carrying regimental colours, including those of the Gloucestershire Regiment, Royal Signal Association and the Normandy Veterans Association, marched through the street to yet more applause.

O ur Senior Reporter Steve Bird is in Arromanches and has met a year-old veteran with a fascinating story. William Blount is one of the few D-Day veterans who can say he never ever set foot on the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago. However, the year-old Royal Marine played a pivotal role in decimating the German war machine targeting British, Canadian and America troops storming the beaches. For exactly days, the gunner loaded hundreds of shells into the 4.

He struggled to hear the heartfelt thanks from the many people queuing up in the Normandy town to ask for his autograph or wanting to shake him by the hand. We fired nearly every day at Caen. Well done. Keep it up. For years, Mr Blount kept his experiences aboard that vessel largely to himself.

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But, after his wife, Hazel, died 13 years ago aged 83, he began to open up about the reality of war to his son Keith, 64, and daughter, Jan, It was horrendous. We just had to watch and wait as it passed by. Mr Blount, from near Woking in Surrey, has returned now more than 13 times to the beaches he had only first seen through binoculars. He never really used to open about it. But, that changed after mum died. He comes here to remember and show respect for the fallen. The French are very good towards us veterans. He recalled how when they eventually sailed the LCG back to Portsmouth it needed its gun replacing because it had become worn out during the onslaught.

T here is now a blessing and a rendition of 'The White Cliffs of Dover'. T he hymn written by William Whiting in tells of the dangers of the sea, and is often associated with the Navy, and is evoking strong emotions among those gathered in Arromanches. A minute's silence has taken place, and a bugler has played the last post.

Now veterans are laying wreaths at the Arromanches service. He is on a final pilgrimage to Normandy to see how thousands of pounds he raised is helping the construction of a national memorial honouring his fallen comrades. As an year-old Royal Engineer, he landed on Gold Beach at 6. Mr Billinge said this was his "swansong" and he did not think he would return again, but he was eager to see the first foundation stones of the monument laid on Thursday morning before the service in Arromanches. In the lead-up to the landings, the year-old filmed the king inspecting preparations in Portsmouth.

He said: "The prince said I got a chance he never got, I got to meet his grandfather," and described the king as "a lovely man, a really nice man". M r Hicks, who landed at Sword Beach on the first day of the campaign, said: "I wanted to get off at the beach and film the others coming in, but they then took us to the front line, and then we had to walk all the way back, it took us 12 hours. Charles also met year-old Gerard Robertson, who had an unusual experience when he arrived on Juno Beach aged He trained with the Durham Light Infantry, but got separated from his colleagues after they landed on the beach on D-Day.

Mr Robertson said: "We got off the boat and I couldn't find the company, and I never did find them. We ended up going up the beach with the Canadians. Mr Robertson ended up sticking with the Engineers for the rest of his military career, and joked: "The only reason I ended up with the Engineers was because I could fix a bicycle chain!

B ritish veterans will descend into the square in Arromanches for a series of informal events hosted by the local authority where there will be music from the Central Band of the Royal Air Force. C rowds of visitors have gathered in the square at Arromanches overlooking the beach for a service of remembrance. A n MP has called for a giant new forest to be "expanded across the United Kingdom" as a tribute to people who fought and died "for the freedom of this country". As the world marks the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings, Labour's Barry Sheerman Huddersfield said MPs should "think profoundly" about the young men and women who fought and lost their lives in the Second World War.

He said a planned new forest in the North of England should be extended across the entire country. S peaking in the House of Commons, Mr Sheerman said: "As a fitting tribute, can we actually seriously look at something that I am passionate about, and that is the growth of trees to remember people, to remember their contribution? Commons Leader Mel Stride replied: "We should seek whatever means we can to pay tribute to those who fought on our behalf in the Second World War.

Mr Stride advised Mr Sheerman to bring the matter up at environment questions, which he said would be an "excellent opportunity" to bring up the idea with ministers. On their official Instagram account, they took an excerpt from Prince Harry's speech to the Chelsea pensioners earlier today. You represent something really quite special, you are special, and society will always recognise that. More than years on from its founding, royalhospitalchelsea continues to provide exceptional care to soldiers in retirement.

It was especially poignant for The Duke, who served in the British Army for ten years, to visit with and honour six veterans of the Normandy Landing living at the hospital. That is an important part of your legacy On this 75th Anniversary of D-Day, I can comfortably speak for everyone when I say we are honoured to be in the presence of six Normandy Landing veterans. Positive communities and the royalhospitalchelsea model of care, is critical to help veterans both young and old to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing.

Thank you for your service, and for the sacrifices you and your families have made.

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P hoebe Southworth is in Arromanches for The Telegraph. This afternoon it will host a commemorative ceremony overlooking Gold Beach. The Somme Battlefield Pipe Band also filed through the centre of Arromanches wearing kilts playing traditional Scottish and Irish airs. A fanatical singer and dancer, he gave an impromptu performance of some of his favourite songs to crowds vying for their pictures of him to be signed with his autograph following a military ceremony. He told The Telegraph : "In the early days I used to jitterbug.

Have you ever heard of the move 'necking the chicken'? It's when the girl straddles the man with both legs and you bob your heads on either side of each other. He added: "Today is important because it's the 75th anniversary, which is very special. If it hasn't been for those men then we wouldn't be standing here today.

Prince Charles attends George H.W. Bush's funeral

T his is Harry Billinge. He won't accept it, but he is a D-Day war hero. S econd World War veteran Jimmy Ockendon wept as he remembered those who lost their lives on D-Day during an emotional memorial service in Portsmouth. The year-old wiped away tears during the commemoration at the Southsea D-Day Stone, which was attended by thousands of members of the public who paid their respects during a minute's silence.

Royal British Legion standard bearers along with the Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines and a platoon of Royal Marines Cadets escorted veterans as they marched along the seafront to reach the memorial stone. M r Ockendon said: "It was very emotional, the main person I was thinking of was my uncle who went on the Hood, his wife had died just beforehand and he left two young children and my father and mother adopted them.

Mr Ockendon, who was serving at the time of D-Day but not directly involved in the operation, said: "We were just off France and I heard on the Tannoy what was happening. M r Ockendon, who attended with his wife Joyce, 84, attended the service after earlier this week naming a train The D-Day Story Portsmouth for South Western Railway in recognition of the 75th anniversary. Mr Morgan said: "He lied about his age and joined the Army four months early and his first major operation was landing on the beach.

He added: "Yesterday we saw Portsmouth can do these events brilliantly at an international level, with Her Majesty the Queen and 15 heads of state in our city, and today, yet again, we have demonstrated we can do these events locally. P rince William told him: "Not you guys. Except of course the shock of seeing the bodies of young men on the beaches or floating in the water. His reading said: "Four years ago our nation and empire stood alone against an overwhelming enemy, with our backs to the wall.

Now once more a supreme test has to be faced. We will remember them. P rince Harry, who is spending the morning with six D-Day veterans at the Royal Chelsea Hospital has delivered a speech in which he pays tributes both to their service and their everlasting sense of fun, Royal Correspondent Hannah Furness writes. That is an important part of your legacy. M arking the significance of today's anniversary, he said: "On this 75th Anniversary of D-Day, I can comfortably speak for everyone when I say we are honoured to be in the presence of six Normandy Landing veterans.

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We stand together and remember those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. I thank you for inviting me here today and I wish you all the health and happiness you so richly deserve. A number of events are continuing in Britain away from the poignancy of northern France. Veterans are still milling around at Bayeux cemetery, paying their respects to those fellow comrades who were killed in battle.

T he Prince of Wales and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall are walking around the cemetery in Bayeux, observing the graves of those who lost their lives during the Second World War. G od Save The Queen is blasted out at the cemetery as D-Day veterans salute the memorial of their fallen comrades. This is followed by La Marseillaise. T heresa May is among those to lay a wreath in honour of those who lost their lives in Normandy. The Lord Is My Shepherd is then played out as the Normandy veterans are invited forward to lay wreaths for their fallen comrades.

U nder blue skies, distinguished guests and veterans alike stood as the last post was played. Some D-Day heroes could be seen welling up as they looked out at the sea of graves that belong to their comrades. D-Day veteran Alan Harris then read: "When you go home, tell of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today.

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T he Prime Minister is on stage giving a reading. Wearing a commemorative poppy on her blazer, she addresses the crowd with a section of the Book of Micah. This is followed by the singing of the hymn Abide With Me before D-Day veteran Ray Lord then read: "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Read his account below. That is my abiding memory and I cant forget it. T he Prince of Wales is among the guests at the cemetery in Bayeux where there are almost unidentified graves.

Here are the thoughts of the Prince of Wales. In an interview with the BBC, the Prince of Wales has spoken of the deep significance of the 75th anniversary D-Day commemorations, saying it is "probably the last chance to pay everlasting respect to these remarkable people who wanted above all to do their duty". After the 70th anniversary, the Prince commissioned a series of 12 portraits of veterans to capture their spirit for centuries to come. There were some wonderful figures in that who were chosen.

I met them all and I'm thrilled that we have something that will mean their memory is immortalised along with so many others who died with them.

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O f the importance of the Normandy services, the Prince said: "I remember the last time we were there, I will never forget the determination that they still exude by being there. T he US president paid tribute to the "greatest Americans that have ever lived" and the "pride of the nation". Midway through his speech, he turned around and applauded the veterans sat behind him at Omaha Beach. T he US veterans, in turn applauded their president. Mr Trump delivered a long address, recalling D-Day through the viewpoint of a number of veterans present.

Here is his take from the sandy beaches. The sun and calm seas could not be more different than the atrocious conditions that faced Allied troops that day. Founder's Day is also known as Oak Apple Day referring to the oak tree that Charles hid in to avoid being captured by Parliamentary forces after the Battle of Worcester in Harry, a former Army officer, arrived wearing his Blues and Royals frock coat and like all the pensioners and guests wore a sprig of oak leaves in honour of Charles.

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He said: "Four years ago our nation and empire stood alone against an overwhelming enemy, with our backs to the wall. In a poignant interview, he refused to call himself a hero or even "brave", saying: "you have to admit, one was scared". Wrapping up the interview, McCoy asks Mr Chardin if anybody has recently said thank you to him for his service. When the war hero says no, the BBC presenter responds: "Well can I, on behalf of everybody watching, just say thank you.

Mr Chardin appears taken aback, and replies: "Well, thank you. Thank you for your courtesy. McCoy then thanks him again for the interview before beginning to turn to the camera when Mr Chardin interrupts, saying: "Have you finished? McCoy has to tell the veteran: "Well, we've just been live. I should have warned you about that. It was an honour to meet 94 year old D-Day veteran Eric Chardin in Portsmouth today, who was just 19 when he landed in Normandy 75 years ago. O ur news reporter Phoebe Southworth is in Arromanches where the commemorations continue.

They were essentially the car of the army. S even local police officers from the gendarmerie in Arromanches directed the Jeeps, tanks and amphibious military vehicles as they snaked their way around the shore, the drivers showcasing them to crowds of onlookers. Many took the opportunity to snap selfies behind the wheel of unmanned vehicles parked up on the beach. A harmonica player with a whistle around his neck, flanked by two guitarists and a man with a tambourine, set up camp at the entrance to the harbour.

Crowds of music-lovers quickly formed a semi-circle around the band, called Herbie Blues, and clapped along to their country-style American songs.

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T heresa May has paid tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice at an inauguration ceremony of a new British Normandy Memorial in France, 75 years on from D-Day. They laid wreaths at the foundation stone for the new memorial, which will list the names of all 22, members of the British armed forces who died in the Normandy campaign in summer and overlooks Gold Beach, where many of the troops arrived on D-Day. Speaking at the service, Mrs May said: "It's incredibly moving to be here today, looking out over the beaches where one of the greatest battles for freedom this world has ever known took place.

S he continued: "Standing here as the waves wash quietly on to the shore below us, it is almost impossible to grasp the raw courage it must have taken that day to leap from the landing craft and into the surf despite the fury of battle. The Prime Minister also paid tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice, saying: "They laid down their lives so that we might have a better life and build a better world. The sculpture was created by David Williams-Ellis to mark the beginning of construction for the memorial, funded by the Normandy Memorial Trust, which is expected to be completed within a year.

He helped drop depth charges at U-boats with "little success", including targeting one which had earlier sunk an Allied troop ship and was then destroyed by a Canadian vessel. F lags of the nations that took part in the struggles are hanging inside Bayeux Cathedral. The procession now leaves the stunning building after a moving service.

C ardinal Marc Ouellet reads the blessing. T he second hymn - Bread of Heaven - is sung by the gathered crowd. T he two-minute silence inside the Bayeux Cathedral was, as you'd expect, impeccably observed. Apart from the murmur of a baby at the back of the building, there was not a sound inside the cathedral. The exhortation is read out by the National Chairman of the British Legion Una Cleminson, followed by the last post and a two-minute silence. T heresa May arrived at Bayeux Cathedral with a new accessory. Wearing the same light jacket as she wore at Ver-sur-Mer, she arrived wearing an elaborate hat.

I n a speech, he asks us to honour the D-Day veterans and those who had to make the ultimate sacrifice. W e are now hearing an extract in French from a young person caught up in the Nazi occupation. T he choir from Hereford Cathedral then perform. T he annual remembrance service has started inside Bayeux Cathedral. Although the event takes place every year, this year has added poignancy given it is the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

He said D-Day was "decisive in the fight against Nazi barbarism" and paid tribute to those who "joined the Army and gave their lives for freedom and peace". Its construction began during the Romanesque period and its dedication was celebrated on 14 July Here is his report. In Courseulles-sur-Mer, hundreds of people attended a special ceremony to mark 75 years since Canadian troops became the first wave of allied forces to land on Juno beach 75 years ago. Houses and shops lining the streets leading to the seafront were adorned with British, Canadian, American and French flags.

American World War II-style jeeps and motorbikes were driven into the ceremony to applause from some passers by. T he Prince of Wales and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall have arrived at Bayeux Cathedral for a service, which is due to start shortly. They include: the Queen's Service Order, New Zealand, the Canadian Forces decoration, the New Zealand commemorative medal, the long service good conduct medal, and medals marking the Queen's coronation and jubilees. L abour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also arrived. Here is his take on the commemorations. They did their duty. And whatever it takes we will never surrender.

And whatever it takes we will always stand together. With a nod to Brexit, he continued in French: "Nothing can ever break ties that have been bound in bloodshed and shared values. The debates taking place today cannot affect the strength of our joint history and shared future. In a personal message to Theresa May, he said: "Leaders May come and go, but their achievements remain.

The force of our friendship will outlast current events. She said: "Thank you President Macron for your support to ensure a lasting monument to the service and sacrifice of those who fought in the Battle of Normandy - something which means so much to our veteran community and to the whole of the British nation. No one would know how this - the most ambitious - amphibious and airborne assault in all of human history, would turn out. Many were terribly wounded. Twenty-eight years old.

Thought to be the first Allied soldier to be killed in action after leading the charge over Pegasus Bridge. Their names will now be reunited here. They didn't boast. They didn't fuss. They served. Of the service and sacrifice of those who fell under British Command in Normandy, of the price paid by French civilians - and of our duty, and our responsibility, to now carry the torch for freedom, for peace and for democracy. George Batts and the veterans who have campaigned so hard to make it happen.

The people of Ver-sur-Mer, and Phillipe Onillon the town's mayor. Beautiful morning in Bayeux as we prepare to remember those who landed on the beaches 75 years ago today to liberate France and Europe from Nazi occupation. DDay75 LestWeForget pic. V eterans and their families are arriving for a service of remembrance at Bayeux Cathedral. Joe Shute reports from France. On June 7, , Bayeux was the first French city to be liberated following the D Day invasion and the cemetery contains the graves of 4, Allied soldiers making it the largest in the region.

The city was liberated by the 50th Northumbrian Division who had landed on Gold Beach.